Soleada 2/6

Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 20×30 inches/51×76 cm
  • Paper: 22×32 inches/56×81 cm


Art-ID: CWA_9355 Medium: Collections: ,

Sensual art photography

In this sensual art photography, a female figure lays outstretched on the edge of a swimming pool. The unconventional composition positions her body above the horizontal midpoint. This choice assigns similar prominence to her body as it does to the tiled wall she is laying on.  The upper third of the image is predominantly green with vegetation while the lower third is the rippling blue water of the pool.

Her face points straight up to the sunny sky. Light defines the top contour of her form. Shadows establish the curves of her back, legs, and torso. These shadows are interrupted by light reflecting from the water below her.

Although the vantage is somewhat modest, there is a sensuality to her posture. Her body is taut: toes pointed, fingers outstretched theatrically. Her legs are crossed at the ankle. She curves her back and lifts her ribs. Auburn hair cascades down the tiled wall, almost touching the water.

The pattern of tile contrasts with the other textures and patterns in the scene: the ripples in the water, the shrubbery in the background, and the figure itself. The distinct blue and white octagonal decoration repeats in two rows. The ceramic glistens with reflected light from the water.

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Compare to classic nude photography of two nudes laying poolside in “Poolside Capriccio.” Or consider underwater original art photography in “Underwater Sequel.”

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