Scorpius 6/10

Edition of 10 ~ 12×9 inches


  • From a limited edition of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 12×9 inches/30×23 cm
  • Paper: 14×11 inches/36×28 cm


This is affordable original art photography that will fit many off-the-shelf frames designed for an 11×14 inch artwork. It will also look good with custom framing.

A statuesque nude displays agility and athleticism in this limited edition archival photograph. The musculature of her arms and back are on prominent display as a result of her pose. Her body is inverted and balanced as she arches backwards, The visual arrangement is arresting. The slightly warm black-and-white rendition communicates a more thoughtful mood than a color photograph might.

Despite the overt activity on display, there is a static element to this image. Her body is momentarily still, balanced in this temporary position. Defying gravity, there is a tension to the image, one that we know cannot last forever. We are witnessing a moment of balance, the peak of a performance, sandwiched between the beginning and end.

We see the left side of her body. But she is not entirely in profile. She is turned just enough towards us for the difference to be noticeable. We see only part of her face, the rest is hidden behind her forearm. Her weight is on her elbows and head. The pose accentuates her back and draws attention to her back and down her legs. Despite not being able to fully see her expression, she exudes positivity and enthusiasm.

Affordable original art photography means an economical initial purchase, reasonable shipping costs, and the option to fit into off-the shelf framing, meaning no custom frame shop costs.

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