Lofted Manila

Edition of 4 ~ 40×26.7 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 4 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 40×26.7 inches/102×68 cm
  • Paper: 42×28.7 inches/107×73 cm


This black and white art nude photograph depicts a female figure in an expanse of empty space. A twisted manila rope is in free fall in front of her. The coil is, for a moment, obscuring her torso from hips to chest. Her stance is rigid and neutral, arms at her sides, feet together, and her gaze is forward, slightly lowered to follow the path of the rope. Her facial expression is calm and thoughtful. One hand is folded in a loose fist, the other flat against her thigh. Her vertical figure is static, rigid compared to the falling lariat.

The allure of this black and white art nude photograph relies on it’s abstract composition rather than a tour de force of camera technique. It’s charisma is esoteric; art that appeals to another an artist’s eye. The design consists of two elements, human and rope, isolated in an expanse of off-white and cream colors. She is slightly off center, balanced by the braids slightly skewed to the other slide.

It is academic in it’s formality; each element is carefully arranged and presented visually. Although the theme is kinetic and spontaneous, the scene is clearly staged, a concept frozen in time.

The color scheme is predominantly tones of delicate grays, with dark accents of hair framing her face. Her hair becomes a point of interest, drawing the eye with a density that is unmatched in the rest of the image.

The traditional, natural fiber rope imparts a feeling of timelessness, amplified by the muted color palette. Following the tradition of tinted and toned black and white photography, yellow and peach infuse this otherwise black and white art nude photograph. Details give way to streaks of motion, blending the colors. The balance between sharp and soft edges begs the eyes to search for glimpses of detail.

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