Brewhouse Tank 9/25

Edition of 25 ~ 10×7 inches


  • From a limited edition of 25 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 10×7 inches/25×17 cm
  • Paper: 12×9 inches/30×23 cm


Monochromatic art nude

A nude woman stands dauntlessly in an unlikely situation. This monochromatic art nude photograph shows her in front of a massive mirrored brewhouse tank. To her left and right are hoses, pipes, and valves.  Rendered in warm and cool tones from pure black to white, this near monochromatic art nude mixes photographic technique with whimsical visuals.

The enormity of the structures around her sets a sense of scale. An array of massive machinery and towering structures surround a nude woman. Detailed valves and pipes gleam and sparkle like gems in this compact composition. The lines, circles, and other shapes of the apparatus are repeated in various scales throughout the image.

There is a whimsical nature to this unlikely scenario. The image both celebrates and makes light of the history of sensual imagery. Borrowing from the pin-up genre, the pose imparts an eccentric sensuality. Consistent with pinup tradition, she makes eye contact with the viewer. Furthermore, her backward glance draws attention to the curves of her body and waves of her hair. Her flowing blonde strands contrast with the steely machines of the brewery.

Additionally, the asymmetrical arrangement of the woman’s figure is reminiscent of classical statuary. The arms and shoulders are balanced by the tilt of her hips and legs. Her weight rests on one foot and one hand. Her turned head, angled arm, and bent knee communicates a quirky suggestiveness. The subject’s physical connection to her surrounding is through her raised arm which rests on the side of the massive tank.

The figure resides in the right half of the image, balanced by dark verticals on the left third and right edge. Lateral lines connect the two halves of the image through the lower portion. Similarly, the arc at the top of the tank unites the composition.

With just a hint of eroticism and a lot of attitude from the German blonde, this monochromatic art nude has been an early favorite with collectors.

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