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Edition of 6 ~ 27×18 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 27×18 inches/69×46 cm
  • Paper: 29×20 inches/74×51 cm


Monochrome nude photograph

In this monochrome nude photograph, a nude woman stands, arms raised in a “V”. She supports herself on two heavy ropes that descend from above. The strands weave down her arms and down her body. Her legs are crossed at the knee, yet her pose is anything but modest.

She intertwines her arms with the two large ropes descend from above. They curve around her forearms, and disappear behind her lower back. Her right heel is lifted from the ground, the remainder of her weight rests on the ropes. The pose stretches her body and accentuates the details of her core.

Around her neck is a celtic knot, a triangle made up of three pisces-shaped curves (a triquetra) and a circle. This ancient trinity knot can be a symbol of endless love or eternity. The pendant is a small detail, visible only under close inspection, that echos the weaved pattern if the ropes on which she hangs.

She faces us, relaxed, looking slightly off center. Her legs are relaxed, sharing her weight with her supporting arms. One foot is lifted with just a few toes touching the ground. Throughout the image are subtly dynamic elements. There is a delicate tension to her pose, her weight is shifted and she relies on the ropes for support and to maintain balance.

Rendered in warm grays, there are an abundance of dense tones in this composition. A subtle shadow defines the floor on which she stands. Other than this the nude is presented in a featureless expanse of deep gray. The dark backdrop sets an austere mood. The figure seems to glow in the dimmed space.

Sumptuous hair frames her head, vanishing behind her shoulders. She appears indifferent to being observed and to be enjoying her situation.

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