Hope Square Twist

Edition of 5 ~ 25×25 inches


  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 25×25 inches/64×64 cm
  • Paper: 27×27 inches/69×69 cm


Original Nude Photography

In this black and white, original nude photography, a single subject is depicted in dramatic lighting. The nude woman rests on her shoulders and arms, her hips, torso, and legs lifted above her body. Her limbs form a pinwheel configuration against the dense expanse of coal gray around her.

The figure occupies the middle of the square image. Behind her, the background glows. The edges of her body are defined by light coming from the left and the right. Her muscles are illustrated by interior shadows.

Her toes are pointed, extending the line of each calf. Her left foot connects with her right knee. These form a nearly right angle. Her right foot points diagonally toward the right edge of the frame.

The protagonist’s hair lays on the floor around her head. Her face is pointed mostly upward, slightly tilted toward the viewer.

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